• July 28, 2019
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sunday, July 28, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.

Dubuque Marina and Yardarm

1201 Shiras Ave. Ext., Dubuque, Iowa

Come watch people show off their creative designs of cardboard boats then see if they will sink or float! The day will be filled with boat races, prizes, food, drinks, and entertainment. Come watch and be WOW’ed or be entertained as some sink!

  • Free, family-friendly event
  • Racing from 1:00-4:00 pm
  • Stick around from 3:00-6:00 p.m for live entertainment by Florida Yard Dog Charlie from Fort Myers, Florida
  • Purchase 50/50 raffle tickets: $5 for 1 ticket or $20 for 5 tickets. Sold only at the race
  • The Yardarm is selling fundraising flags at the bar. Stop to enjoy a drink and/or dinner and purchase a flag

All proceeds from the Great Cardboard Boat Race benefit the HEART program. Click here for more information.

  • People generally go for 1) speed & floatability, or 2) looks. Rarely do the two meet. Both have great merit. Just have fun!
  • Cardboard, tape, glue, and paint is all that’s allowed for anything structural on the boat.
  • No Cheating! No false bottoms or hiding any building materials. No rigging the boat with anything that helps it float or aid in rowing. (You know what we mean- we don’t have to list the creative options that might help you cheat.)
  • We attempt to fairly pair you against a like team, i.e. children against children, showboat against showboat.
  • Everyone who loses is eligible to put their boat back in the water for a seriously entertaining Loser’s Round.
  • To race the boat, you must register.
  • It’s up to your imagination after that.

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Venue Phone: 563-582-3653

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1201 Shiras Ave. Ext., Dubuque, Iowa, 52001, United States