Grey House

Grey House

Built in 1908, this masculine Lawrence Buck designed home in the Craftsman tradition has seven unique guest rooms.

White House

White House

Built in 1924, this Colonial Revival style home affords a refined and elegant stay, with four guest rooms.

Marvin Gardens Cabin

Marvin Gardens Cabin

This 1953 Marvin Gardens cabin is cozy, but roomy enough for four people, with a kitchen and modern amenities.

“The winding, tree-lined drive always welcomes us back into our favorite retreat where, after so many visits, the Grey House feels like home and the staff have become our friends.“

Karl and Janet Hoech

“For us, The Four Mounds is a special place and will forever be known as our “Christmas House”; we hope that all the families and guests after us will enjoy their time there as much as we did.”

Chris Murphy

“We love the four mounds site… it’s worth the drive for the peace and quiet you feel there! We loved the Grey House, but then we fell in love with the White House.  We feel like we are staying with family there.”

Lydia and Leland Krebs

“The moment we walked in, we knew that we had found an extremely special place!  It’s a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, as well as proprietors who make us feel completely at home. It has been a much-needed breath of fresh air, and exceeds all of our expectations each year that we return.”

Darcy Livingston

“We like to stay at Four Mounds because of the casual comfort of the environment, both indoor and outdoor.  I appreciate that my money is going towards an organization that I can get behind. The elegance and class of the historic homes make them a pleasure to stay in, while providing all the modern amenities that I would expect at a B & B.”

David Wadsworth, Wadsworth Construction, Decorah

“We enjoy using the virtual reality “storage unit” at the bottom of the bluff.  There we can dump all of our day-to-day trials and tribulations before we travel up the road to our destination.  And sometimes we don’t even need to pick that trivial stuff up again when we leave.   Thank you Four Mounds for helping us know what is important in our lives.”

Beth & Tony Dietsch