• People generally go for 1) speed & floatability, or 2) looks. Rarely do the two meet. Both have great merit. Just have fun!
  • Cardboard, tape, glue, and paint is all that’s allowed for anything structural on the boat.
  • No Cheating! No false bottoms or hiding any building materials. No rigging the boat with anything that helps it float or aid in rowing. (You know what we mean- we don’t have to list the creative options that might help you cheat.)
  • We attempt to fairly pair you against a like team, i.e. children against children, showboat against showboat.
  • Everyone who loses is eligible to put their boat back in the water for a seriously entertaining Loser’s Round.
  • To race the boat, you must register.
  • It’s up to your imagination after that.


Registrations are closed.